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To my body,

I could tell you that I am sorry a thousand times, yelling it at the top of my lungs, but even that wouldn’t be enough. I have been in self-destruct mode for so long that you have probably forgotten what it feels like to be shown love.

I wish I could take away all the damage I have done to you, but the sad fact is that I can’t, but what I can do, and what I will commit every single day to, is trusting you, and vowing to take care of you.

I’m no longer going to make it impossible for you to stand up without feeling like you’re going to pass out. I’m not going to run you into the ground (in a literal sense.) I am going to treat you how I should’ve always treated you, with respect and dignity. I am going to appreciate all that you do for me, and accept you as you are, your beauty and your flaws.

To anyone reading this,

If you too are struggling to love yourself, my advice to you is please don’t take it out on your body. Remember that your body is the only place you have to live. You should look after it well. Don’t destroy it in the pursuit of a peace of mind that you will never get.

Stay strong and keep fighting.



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  1. such an inspiring and beautiful post! love this.

  2. Thank you so much Elaina 🙂

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