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Whilst there is no disputing the fact that Anorexia is a mental illness, to be diagnosed with Atypical Anorexia, one of the major symptoms a patient must possess is low weight. In order to recover from Atypical Anorexia, weight gain is therefore a necessary component of recovery.

Weight gain is hard. You cry. You shout. You scream. But unfortunately, it is unavoidable. You can’t live your best life if you’re underweight, it just won’t be possible. Your body won’t work properly, and neither will your mind. Once you get to a healthy weight, your life will be so much better. You will be able to think straight, and you will have energy to do all of the things you want to do. You will have the energy to live, not merely survive.

I promise you that you won’t ‘look fat’, nor will you ‘loose control’, you will simply become you again. You will reclaim everything that your eating disorder tried to take away from you. You will get your life back.

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