Portfolio of Hope

I am learning to accept myself as I am,

my flaws make me, me.

Not having a totally flat stomach doesn’t make me inferior to the size 4 models who appear on my Instagram feed daily, posing for the camera, a painted on smile sprawn across their gaunt looking faces.

I am genuinley happy now, and for me, that is worth more than the short-lived sense of achievement I used to get from having a toned stomach.

My stomach protects my organs,

it no longer cries out in hunger,

nor does it ache from the total exertion I used to impose upon it day after day.

I am genuinley happy now, and trust me, it feels good to be this content with myself.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some days when the last thing I want to do is accept myself.

On the days when the world feels too much, I feel like I deserve all of the pain and heartache that this futile world brings to me,

but I accept myself none-the-less, for just being myself.

Getting out of bed every morning and simply living my life, is acceptance.

I am learning to accept myself as I am.

Now, why don’t you try to practice some self-acceptance on yourself?

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