Portfolio of Hope

On December 30th 2018, sitting on my bed in room 1 of a specialist eating disorders hospital, I decided that I wanted to make my struggle known. I wanted all the negative stuff I have been through to count for something positive.  I wanted to raise awareness of eating disorders and combat the stigma around mental health. And so, Portfolio of hope-my blog, recovery journal and Instagram channel-was created, with the sole purpose being to help other people.

Little did I know, it would help me too.

Every word I write motivates me to carry on. For I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I want to practice what I preach. The words I write, I hope they inspire you in the same way that they motivate me to carry on no matter how hard things might feel.

I want us all to be in this together.

Supporting each other through the lows,

celebrating together through the highs,

because trust me, the highs will come soon, I promise you.

We’ve just got to stick at it.

We’ve got to keep getting out of bed in the morning,

keep going against that little voice in our heads urging us to give up,

and one day, we will get there.

We will have done it.


I am so proud of you for how hard you are trying.

I am so proud of us.

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