Portfolio of Hope

That apple, it’s a piece of fruit, it’s not ’60.’

That 30 minute run, it’s exercise-a celebration of what your body can do- not ‘300.’

And that girl, or boy, the reflection in the mirror, that is overwhelming beauty, that is you.

I need you to remember, I need you to tell that broken girl, or boy, staring back at you in the mirror, that they are worth more than a number.

No matter how hard it is to accept those words, it is the truth.

Calories do not define your worth.

They never have.

They never will.

Life is short, don’t waste it counting meaningless numbers as if they some how define you, because they don’t.

Your freedom is just around the corner,

don’t let it disappear, chase after it.

Grab it with both hands and never look back, because just like you, life is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Don’t stand on the sidelines, watching it pass you by.

Go out there and live your life.

Make that reflection in the mirror proud of you.

Show them your strength.

Show them your bravery.

Show them your beauty.

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