Portfolio of Hope

We grow in discomfort.

Recovery isn’t linear.

You won’t feel sick enough, but if you are waiting to be sick enough, you are sick enough already. Healthy people don’t want to be sick.

You will grieve your unhealthy ‘eating disorder’ body.

You will feel lost. Empty.

You will feel on the verge of going back for quite some time.

You will question whether you can do it.

You will need to find an identity greater than being sick or in recovery.

You will need distractions to take your mind off things. Trust me, it makes everything a lot more bearable.

The past will often appear brighter than it ever was.

Learning to listen to your body makes everything easier.

You will want to go against your treatment team, but don’t. Don’t fight them. They know what’s best for you. You just need to trust them.

You will feel uncomfortable as you see your body changing. You might need to buy new clothes, and that’s okay. Use it as an opportunity to rediscover your identity.

You will miss your family, but things won’t be this way forever. You will be back home soon, happy and healthy and free from your eating disorder.

You will gain weight, but you will also gain a life.

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