Portfolio of Hope

Don’t follow the unhealthy diet culture trend. Lead the way with the BOPO movement. Inspire a generation.

The thing with this whole diet culture thing, is that it is not healthy. It makes people fear food by convincing them that food is the enemy, when it’s far from it. Every living being needs food to survive, and that doesn’t exclude you. In order to flourish, you’ve gotta nourish, for you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach.

The BOPO movement however, is healthy. By promoting body positivity, people are encouraged to embrace their true self. The deep rooted myth that to be beautiful you must be thin is combated, proving that whatever your size, you are amazing as you are. All it takes is a simple search on Instagram for #BOPO or #bodypositivity, and you will be flooded with images of hundreds of thousands of stunning women, and men, all embracing themselves for who they are whilst living their best life, free from the pressures of society.

So, my challenge for you is to start blocking out the lies that this ridiculous diet culture trend is imposing on you. Love yourself for who you are. Provide an example for the future generation, showing them that you do not have to conform to society’s expectations of beauty. Just embrace your true beauty.

Take care of yourselves, and remember, diet culture is crap 😉



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