Portfolio of Hope

My eating disorder has caused me to miss out on so much.
My teenage years.
While all of my friends were out partying and learning what it meant to be a teenager, I was sat at home, learning the calories in bread and the sugar in fruit.
3 years of my life passing me by, my eating disorder controlling my every action.
It was no way to live.
I was slowly killing myself all in the pursuit of a peace of mind I never got.
But now here I am, reclaiming my life back.
I can never got those 3 years of my life that I lost back, but what I can do, and what I will devote every single day to, is making sure that I create a better future for myself.
It’s time for me to be a “normal” teenager, whatever “normal” is.
It’s time for me to chase my right to be free.