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Society (noun)- a patriarchal system created, according to every single religion out there, by men, for men.

Christianity- God created life on earth.

Islam- God.

Sikhism- God.

Where are all the Goddesses at?

In the bible, the only purpose of women was to give birth- their intelligence, their emotions, all discarded. Thrown to the side like the core of an apple. Unwanted. Worthless…

It’s not just religion that excludes women either, it’s happening everywhere. Open your eyes! Look around you.

Do you see what I’m getting at? The whole supposedly meritocratic system is biased towards men, and that’s so wrong.

Without women, life would cease to exist.

We are not ‘weaker’ than men, nor are we inferior to men. We are equal. Every man and every woman is equal. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Fight for equality. Show the world what women can do!

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    Hi just wanted to let u no that we evolved from a once matriarchal society identified from the earliest Greek mosaics-& Plato ,Sophocles it was assumed women were pregnated by the moon- it was only with knowledge that it was found it actually included men !!! lol

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