Portfolio of Hope

Anorexia isn’t ‘glamorous.’
Nor is the weight loss.
It’s a consequence of your body wasting away,
It’s not glamorous or admirable,
it’s sad.
Sad to think about all the wasted days,
all the excuses made,
all the tears and the fights,
and the sleepless nights,
all in the pursuit of a sense of control
you never got.
Sad to know that 1 in 4 sufferers will loose their fight.
And you still think this is glamorous?
Crying yourself to sleep.
Being scared to eat.
Not being sure if you will even wake up tomorrow,
and not caring if you don’t.
Open your eyes.
This is the reality for people living with an ED.
It is far from glamorous.
It is far from admirable.
It is a living hell.

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