Portfolio of Hope

I’m going to use a weird analogy to try to explain mental health, specifically the transition from suffering to recovering, so bear with me here…

When you struggle with maintaining positive mental health, (ie. When you have a mental illness), you might struggle to make sense of the world. It’s like you’re on a sinking ship and people are telling you to run to safety, but you’re just stuck to the same spot, unable to move. You can hear people telling you to move, telling you that you’re putting yourself at danger here, but you don’t know why they’re saying it. You feel as though you are perfectly fine. Why won’t these people leave you alone? You remain rooted in the same dangerous place, feeling like everyone is trying to put you in more danger, when in fact they are trying to help you. You end up pushing people away and, eventually, they all leave. They can’t stay rooted to the dangerous spot with you or they will end up drowning too. You will drag them down with you. They have done all they can to try to help you but you wouldn’t accept it.
You have a choice to make now. You either stay rooted to the same place and your fate is sealed, or you try your hardest to escape and bring yourself to safety. It’s in your hands. People have tried to help you, but they can only do so much. YOU have to be the one to choose to save yourself. It will be hard to free yourself from the comfort of the place you are in now, but you have to keep going and believe everyone when they say that you will have a better life this way. They are not lying to you, they just want you to be safe. So, free yourself from that danger zone, and swim to safety. Reclaim your life back <3

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