Portfolio of Hope

What a strange period of time this is.

We are making history, literally.

In years to come, when everyone returns to school, future generations will be taught about this pandemic that is sweeping across the globe.

They will be told of how it killed hundreds of thousands,

how it forced whole countries to go into lockdown,

but most notably, they will be told of our reaction.

We all studied World War 1 and 2 in our History lessons ‘back in the day.’

We all know how those who fought for our country were, and continue to be, praised for their bravery and selflesness, and rightfully so.

They were torn away from their families, sacrificing their lives for our freedom.

When our reaction is studied, what do we want to be shown?




We need to decide,

and quick,

because if it’s the latter, things need to urgently change.

We are fighting a war,

albeit a different type to the likes of WW1 and WW2,

and in order to win and come out stronger, we all need to pull together.

We are not being asked to sacrifice our lives by going out on the front line to partake in a physical battle,

we are being asked to stay at home.

Yes, we will all have to sacrifice some aspects of our lives for a short period of time,

but it will be short because we will get through this,

that’s if we all do our bit to save lives.

Lets all do the right thing,

if not for yourself, do it for those more vulnerable than us.

Take care and stay safe.

Lisa x

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