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In my opinion, humans came about through the process of evolution. Starting off as a tiny cell we transitioned from a fish like form to monkeys to humans (with various other species in between.) Humans started off in Africa, however much like our physical characteristics evolved over time, so did our geographical characteristics. Over hundreds of years we moved to different areas of the world. How? This is unknown as we have no records dating this far back, however as human brains have in fact grown smaller in recent decades, there is speculation that humans had just as much capacity to create methods of transport as we do today (boats to get from country to country.)

What the theory of evolution fails to explain is why was that first cell there at all? And what prompted it to change into ultimately, what we are today, humans?

I believe that it is due to intelligent design (neo-creationism.) The current state of life on earth has come about through the actions of an intelligent designer i.e. a higher power. The universe and everything in it could not have come into being without a supreme being causing it to happen. Everything happens for a reason- life is mapped out for us.

So, if we all evolve from common ancestors, why do chimpanzees still exist as a species of their own and humans as another? Why is my family and I human beings not monkeys? The reason is due to fate. We are all destined to be a certain species for a certain reason.

On the topic of fate, I believe that the current situation we are in is fate- it was always supposed to happen- always written in the stars. It is telling the world we need to slow down more and appreciate what we have more.

Another common question is why do humans only occupy earth? Why not any of the other billions of planets there are in our universe? If you believe in a higher power, the answer lies in heavens. The universe and all its planets are the ‘heavens.’ When we die, our souls leave our body, and it can be said that this is where they go. They leave earth.

Finally, I am going to touch on how we fair up against different species. Why are we considered ‘superior?’ Why are we given rights that different animals are not entitled to? Again, the answer lies in the belief in a higher power. I believe that we were all put on this earth for a reason. The reason why humans are here is vastly different to why, for example, fish are here. Its why, as a species, we are so driven to develop personal talents. I for one really value the idea of ‘Ikigai’ which I have written a blog post about a couple of weeks ago- the essence that everyone has a life purpose and people should devote their life to finding that.

If you want more insight into the human species and life in general, I highly recommend that you buy a copy of the book ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. I just finished this book today and it is what inspired me to do some further research and write this post.

If you want to share your own views please let me know in the comments. It will be really interesting to hear different perspectives!

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