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2020 has been one very weird year, and were only halfway through it.

Who would’ve thought on New Years Eve when we were counting down the welcoming of a new decade that we would find ourselves in this situation? Not only are we in the midst of a global pandemic, we are also living through a movement that will go down in history- the black lives matter movement. Its like were all starring in an action movie, you just can’t make it up. This year we’ve had:

  • January 2nd- State of emergency declared in Australia as bushfires kill at least one billion animals.
  • January 2nd- Iranian general Qasem Soleimani killed in US drone strike as per US president Donald Trumps orders. Could this trigger the start of a third world war?!
  • January 7th- The world health organisation notified of an epidemic in China, Coronavirus.
  • January 8th- Prince Harry stepped down from his role in the royal family as he and girlfriend Megan Markle reported they wanted to be ‘financially independent.’
  • January 31st- After more than 3 years of political turmoil, Britain finally leaves the EU.
  • January 31st- First cases of Coronavirus in the UK confirmed in York.
  • March 5th- First Coronavirus death in the UK- a woman in her 70s from Reading.
  • March 11th- The world health organisation declares the coronavirus a pandemic after it spreads to more than 100 countries around the world.
  • March 12th- UK declared as high risk.
  • March 18th- All UK schools close indefinitley with all exams cancelled (the first countrywide school shutdown in modern British history.)
  • March 23rd- UK goes into lockdown. People are told to stay at home, and to only go out when absolutely necessary.
  • March 24th- The Olympics are cancelled for the first time since world war 2.
  • March 26th- First ‘clap for carers’- the nation stand on their door steps to express their gratitude for the NHS.
  • March 27th- British prime minister Boris Johnson tests positive for Coronavirus.
  • April 2nd- Global coronavirus cases surpass 1 million.
  • April 6th- Boris Johnson is in intensive care as his coronavirus symptoms worsen.
  • April 12th- Boris Johnson is discharged from hospital after a close encounter to death.
  • May 5th- UK coronavirus death toll becomes the highest in Europe and the 2nd highest in the world.
  • May 25th- George Floyd murdered by a white Minnesota police officer. He knelt on Floyds neck for almost 9 minutes despite George repeatedly saying he couldn’t breathe.
  • May 26th- Protests and riots begin and the ‘Black lives matter’ movement is born.
  • June 3rd- A ‘significant new suspect’ is identified in the Madeline Mccann case, the biggest lead they have had since Maddie went missing back in 2007.
  • June 5th- Coronavirus deaths in the UK pass 40,000, double the number the government said would be a ‘good outcome.’
  • June 7th- The Edward Colston statue which has been around since 1895 (125 years), was torn down and rolled into Bristol harbour amid black lives matter protesting..

What next?! Aliens land on earth? Dogs start speaking English? I genuinley wouldn’t put it past 2020…

I wouldn’t be surprised if a film is made in the future documenting the year 2020. It is a year that is sure to go down in history. Museums are collecting protesting posters, face masks, rainbows and diary entries from life in lockdown. Future generations will reflect on the times we are living through right now. Our children and grandchildren will be told about the year when the whole world came together to fight this invisible war.

So, although this year has been an incredibly eventful one, albeit not very welcome events, it has been one that we will all remember in decades to come.

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