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Separation is an illusion.

The universe is nothing but your consciousness, which is nothing but yourself.

Your body is simply a vehicle for the one infinite consciousness.

Your senses that detect the outside world are experienced from within.

When you touch something, you feel it from inside of you, not outside.

When you hear sounds, you’re not hearing them from outside, but inside.

None of your senses prove that there’s a world existing separate from you.

And there isn’t, for you contain everything.

You are everything.

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold- that is how important you are.

Believing you’re just your body creates the biggest fear of humanity, the fear of death.

When your body dies, you fear you will no longer exist. But what you truly are cannot die.

The body will die, but the body is not what you are.

You are consciousness, and there is no such thing as not being conscious, even when you’re asleep.

Even when your body changes, and your mind, and your thoughts and feelings, the one thing that will never change is your consciousness.

And that consciousness is the true essence of what you are.

3 ways to achieve a higher level of consciousness:

  1. Stand on top of a mountain/look up at the stars– The sense of infinity you will feel is what you are- God in a physical body- an infinite being rather than a human being.
  2. Meditate– It’s only by letting go of the mind that you will discover who you are. When there’s a break from the noise of thoughts, it’s much easier to notice your consciousness.
  3. Live in the present– Time is a concept created by the mind- the past a memory, the future- imagination. Neither has any existence outside the realm of thought. All that really exists is this present moment. Presence is infinite, and you can’t be anywhere else but in it.

5 responses to “Consciousness Explained: Everything You Need To Know About What We *Really* Are”

  1. Love this. I try to see things from this perspective as often as I can too, though I can’t really grasp at it yet. Just need to keep practising it. Thanks for this enlightening post!

  2. How did you formulate your ideas on enlightenment? This is a genuine curiosity and I am not being demeaning. I find it interesting where people end up spiritually and how they got there.

  3. I have been interested in spirituality and the universe for a while but made it a ‘new years resolution’ to explore my spirituality more. I have just finished reading ‘The Greatest Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and that really helped me to form a conclusion on my stance on spirituality.
    Thank you for the follow! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your comment. I too sometimes struggle to understand it all. I think there are some parts of consciousness that are too complicated for us to ever understand, at least in our current form. I have just finished reading ‘The Greatest Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and I found that to be really helpful in gaining a greater understanding so I would definitley recommend checking that out if you haven’t already!

  5. Very good blog?…. people are talking about this on our blog.🔥 🌞

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