Portfolio of Hope


One word.

Two syllables.

Zero sense,

for how can something so short hold so much weight?

And how can something with so much weight creep up on you,

like an unsuspecting mouse about to get caught by a cat?

Before the mouse has had a chance to look over its shoulder,

the cat is there.

The mouse tries to outrun it,

to escape its menacing stare


it can’t.

The cat catches up with the mouse,

as it always does.

Let’s just hope it skips the ‘torment’ stage this time,

and that its departure is just as swift as its arrival.

And, so it is.

The mouse outruns the cat,

finding freedom despite all odds being stacked against it.

Now, don’t you see?

You are the mouse.

Sadness is the cat.

You escape sadness’ grip,

for you,

you are so much stronger than you think.

And you,

you will get through this.

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