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“The Happy News” is the creative brain child of 28-year-old Lancashire Lass, Emily Coxhead.

First released in 2015, when Coxhead was just 22, the independent newspaper is unique in that it only broadcasts “feel-good”, hopeful stories.

With the influx of negative news stories in the media at the moment, the world has begun to feel like an incredibly dark and scary place for many people. But the reality is, there is also so much good in the world, it just gets drowned out by the bad.

Although the constant negativity in the news can get us down, leading us to feel depressed even, something I have always believed to be true, and want you to remember too, is this; “from everything, there is a positive.”

Take the murder of George Floyd, for example. Although an absolute tragedy, the event sparked a global movement that has improved our society for the better. Similarly is the case with Sarah Everard. Her case was, like Floyd’s, undoubtedly a tragedy- a horrific case that shocked the world, but there is still some light that can be seen, despite the darkness. A whole new movement concerning women’s safety has begun. It shouldn’t have taken the murder of two innocent people for us to question systematic racism, or for us to recognise the fact that it is not okay for women to fear walking home, but the fact is, without these events having taken place, we wouldn’t have experienced anywhere near the extent of the revolutionary changes we have seen take place over the past year.

“The Happy News” encourages us to be mindful about the news we are consuming. If we are constantly viewing negative coverage, our mood is going to reflect that, because, ‘we can’t be what we can’t see.’ So, the bottom line is, we need access to more positive news, if we want to feel positive.

‘The Happy News’ gives you that access.

It Inspires the Uninspired.

It Changes Perceptions.

It Changes the World.

To read more on what ‘The Happy News’ is all about, click on the link here: https://thehappynewspaper.com/about/ , which will take you directly to their website.

Why not treat yourself, or someone you love, to a subscription? There truly is no better gift than the gift of happiness, and ‘The Happy News’, as the name suggests, certainly delivers in the happiness department!

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