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They say that having a gap between my thighs will make me ‘pretty.’

‘Am I gorgeous yet?’

They say that having a toned stomach will make me a ‘superior human being.’

‘Am I gorgeous yet?’

As women, we are constantly encouraged to ask ourselves superficial questions such as these, with the answers determining our self-worth.

Whether or not we are ‘nice to look at’ is deemed to be far more important than whether or not we are genuinley nice people. As such, our achievements are often overlooked by society, with our external appearance considered to hold a greater level of importance than what really matters.

We are constantly chasing an unrealistic and dangerous ideal, putting all of our energy into how we can be perceived in the way we have been seeking our whole lives, as ‘gorgeous.’

In our quest for meeting societies dangerous expectations of what it means to be a ‘successful’ woman, we are constantly placed under immense pressure.

I wish I could say that I am an exception to this, but, unfortunately, I am not.

I feel the pressure to meet societies unrealistic expectations just as much as anyone else. This pressure has caused me, like so many other women across the world, to hurt myself, putting both my body and my mind through unimaginable distress- something which it never deserved.

I have a gap between my thighs now, and a toned stomach.

‘Am I gorgeous yet?’


Only when I shrink myself to an unrecognisably small size, eating only ‘clean’ foods and exercising at every waking moment, will I finally be seen as ‘gorgeous.’

Drop dead gorgeous.

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