Portfolio of Hope

We are a tiny ripple in a deep ocean,

a miniscule speck in an endless universe.

How can we be so egotistical to believe that the whole world revolves around us?

The fact is, if we were to disappear, right now, from this ocean of consciousness we call life,

the fish would continue to swim,

and the world would continue to spin.

It is only when you realise the scale of yourself compared to that of the ever-expanding universe that you, in turn, realise that none of your perceived ‘problems’ matter.


Because, even if you feel as though your world is coming to an end,

it’s not.

The fish will continue to swim,

and the world will continue to spin.

Don’t let this knowledge make you feel insignificant, though, for I have told a bit of a lie..

You are not a tiny ripple in the ocean,

and nor are you a miniscule speck in the universe..

The reality, is that…

You are the whole ocean.

You are the whole universe.

You are everything there has been,


and will ever be,

in ecstatic motion.

And that, I hope, has given you some perspective.

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