Portfolio of Hope

As I said in my last post on the topic of the meaning of life, we have a lot to learn from our animal friends.

They don’t try to understand the meaning of their life, not only because they don’t have the ability to reason, but also because they accept that it is beyond their comprehension.

They live their lives minute by minute, focusing on the present moment rather than worrying about the past or the future.

Living in such a way means they value the simple things in life, such as food, sleep, and exercise.

You see, it’s no coincidence that when we’re feeling ill, either mentally or physically, we’re advised to 1) get enough sleep, 2) eat well, and 3) do sufficient exercise.

These simple things give us meaning until we can finally understand our true life’s purpose, the meaning of our life as defined by a higher power, the very thing that brought us into existence. So, let’s just enjoy the simple things in life. Follow the example of animals and live a fulfilling, stress free life.

The reason why as humans we have become so far removed from every other animal is due to our society. The society we inhabit dictates to us what we should and shouldn’t do, as well as what we should and shouldn’t look like.

We can’t just eat when we’re hungry or exercise how and when we want to, for we are told we should only do so in a certain way, a way that society deems to be “desirable.”

And nor can we live our lives in the simple way we were always supposed to. We are convinced by a capitalist society that we should always buy buy buy.

The reality is, however, that we do not need to constantly be consuming new things.

We don’t need loads of material possessions, hence why the whole minimalist movement has developed in popularity. As long as we have a shelter to live in, food to eat, an outdoor space to exercise in, and people to love and be loved by, we will be just fine.

Being surrounded by so much unnecessary “stuff” distracts us from what is really important.

So, it’s time for us to get back to basics, to prioritise what really matters, and to live a more meaningful & fulfilling life.

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