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‘The universe.



Whatever feels right for you.’

It does not matter what you believe in, all that matters is that you believe in something. Having faith that there is something greater than yourself, that there is something bigger out there, helps you to remain hopeful when everything feels a bit too much. It makes you feel hopeful that everything will work out okay in the end.

I personally believe that the universe is my higher power as opposed to ‘God’ in the traditional sense of the word. And this ‘higher power’ that I speak of, the universe, is not only the most powerful thing in existence, but it is in fact existence in itself. It is the very thing that governs our life, as is fate- the concept that explains how; ‘everything that is thrown our way, whether that be good or bad, has been sent to us for a reason, to teach us something.’ Acting as a sort of ‘divine plan’, fate and, ultimately, the universe, is the powerful force guiding us through this life on our way back home, back to our purest form of consciousness.

On the topic of fate, it is important for us all to realise that everything that happens, happens for you, not to you. It is all supposed to be happening. When you realise this, and you accept the fact that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, your life becomes one filled with peace. Gone is all the stress about work and deadlines and all the other monotonous things we fill our time with, because we come to realise that these things do not really matter. What does matter, however, is our happiness, and embarking on our spiritual journey will help us to preserve it (‘it’ referring to the most important thing in our lives- happiness and fulfilment.)

By viewing the world from a spiritual perspective, as I am doing, you will feel comforted in knowing that you are not out here alone. You are being guided through your life, every step of the way.

I personally prefer not to label my beliefs, because in my opinion, there is simply no need to do so. However, if you would rather be able to explain your faith to other people, the closest definition there is to the beliefs in the universe which I am describing in this post, is ‘Unitarianism.’

So, what exactly is Unitarianism?

Unitarianism is a largely unheard-of belief system, which leaves one free to believe what they want to believe, rather than their faith being dictated to by others. In other words, all people have the right to believe what they personally believe is true. Though the bible is used as a source of guidance for some unitarians, I use the word guidance for a reason. It is not seen to be an unquestionable truth, instead, it contains messages of hope to be viewed in the light of reason and conscience- to be interpreted by everyone.

This, of course, differs from religion in the traditional sense of the word, where people would, and continue, to live their life by what it says in a little book. This is not the only difference between spiritualism and religion though. While religion is based on a specific set of organised beliefs and practices, spiritualism is much more ‘individualistic’, with people being not only allowed but encouraged to approach their belief system from a place which they can make sense of in their head, regardless of whether those beliefs fit with any specific religion or not.

To conclude this post, it is important for me to note that the overarching fact that underpins what it means to be spiritual is that those who are lucky enough to find it- spirituality that is- will be met with a deep sense of peace and purpose. It is my hope for you that you too are one day able to experience such peace, and when you do, please do not hesitate to take that first step onto your spiritual path. I promise you will not regret it. In fact, you will never look back.

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