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Anticipatory anxiety is characterised by intense feelings of tension, stress and, unsurprisingly, anxiety. Such feelings are usually stimulated in response to an event/situation due to take place in the future that someone with the condition spends excessive time thinking about. Anticipatory anxiety doesn’t just arise in response to major events, as is often the misconception, the reality is that it can in fact affect every aspect of one’s life, even causing them to feel severe distress when thinking about seemingly ‘insignificant’ scenarios, like visiting the Dentist for a mere routine check-up (as I, writing from personal experience, have very much found to be the case.)

As I am writing from personal experience, I know how debilitating anticipatory anxiety can be to those struggling with it. If you’re anything like me, you will likely question why you can’t live ‘normally’, wondering, ‘why can’t I go through life the same way as everyone else, being able to enjoy it instead of worrying about every single aspect of it?’ Endless questions such as these unfortunately go unanswered due to the conditions lack of awareness amongst most people. Anticipatory anxiety, with its challenging symptoms and general lack of understanding is therefore, understandably, such a draining condition to have. It is important, however, that people with the condition do not lose sight of hope, because the simple fact of the matter is this; although hard, recovery from anxiety is possible, and you can do it. So, just hold on for the day when it starts to get a little bit easier. Take it one day at a time, because you will get there, one day.

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