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The benefits of recovering from your eating disorder far outweigh any perceived ‘negatives.’ Why? Because when you choose recovery, when you really commit to it, everything changes, and it all changes for the better.

In the process of recovering from your eating disorder, yes, maybe you will gain some weight, and maybe your physical appearance will change slightly, but far more noticeably, and far more importantly, will be the improvement in your emotional state. For, as you loosen the grip from your cruel eating disorder, you will, in turn, release so many of the negative feelings that you have been plagued with, thus giving you the headspace to think about the important things in your life (the things that really matter to you), instead of constantly being preoccupied with thoughts surrounding weight and your body.

Surely you want this? Surely you want to feel happier, like we all do?

The only way to get there though, the only way that you can begin to feel happier and ‘more alive’, is to reclaim control back over your life. The way to do that? By recovering, today.

Regardless of how scary that prospect seems, it must be today.

You cannot keep putting it off, saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, because doing so is meaningless. Writing from personal experience, I know that the ‘tomorrow’ you so frequently reference, will never actually come. What will come eventually though, if you don’t make the right, no, the only appropriate decision, is regret. You will feel regret for all of the days you have wasted hating yourself, regret for all the hurt you have put, not just yourself through, but your family through, too.

Please, don’t keep putting off the inevitable. You must recover, for the alternative, is death…

If you leave it too long, if you keep putting off recovery, the alternative will become a reality. It will be too late. No amount of begging or pleading that; you ‘didn’t really mean it’ and; you ‘don’t want to die’, will be enough to reverse the damage that you have subjected yourself to, and that, that is so sad.

It’s sad because you are worth so much more than a life like this, a life where everyday is a battle between your heart and your head. And, it’s sad that if you carry on like this, choosing your eating disorder over your life, you will never get to experience the bright future that you so much deserve. It’s all just so sad.

There have already been far too many lives lost to eating disorders, a result of innocent people having fallen victim to such a cruel disease. I sure as hell do not want you to be another one of them. The only way that you can avoid this tragic fate is by deciding to recover, today, before the damage becomes irreversible.

Refuse to be another statistic- you are not ‘one in five.’

You are strong,


and so, so loved.

NB: Although this is a message I have shared here for everyone to take note of, I wrote it specifically with my sister in mind, my sister who is so strong, capable, and loved. Shan, this one is for you.)

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