Portfolio of Hope

Human beings, we’re just another species within the animal kingdom, and yet, we act like we are so superior, like we are so much better than everyone, and everything, else.

This superiority complex sees us senselessly, and needlessly, killing other animals for our pleasure, because we think that our right to taste is more important than an innocent animals right to live.

It sees us cutting down trees, destroying the homes of whole species, of our whole planet, just to feed our greed for more money.

We think we are so much better when the reality is, the only thing that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, is our brains.

How ironic, right?

Our brains are the best thing about us as a species, and yet, we show such naivety to what really matters.

Where has all our intelligence gone?!

Why don’t we question why we are so separated from the natural world?

I’ll tell you why, because that would require us to face up to some hard-to- hear home truths, truth’s that remind us how:

– We don’t need to be spending hundreds of pounds obsessing over our appearance (we don’t need hundreds of pounds at all for that matter),


– There’s a reason why we’re the only species to spend money, wear clothes, makeup, and jewellery, and stand staring at ourselves in mirrors (as just a few examples of the pointless things that us humans do.) It’s because they’re all totally unnecessary activities, nothing more than a waste of the miracle that is life.

Now, I’m not saying that we should all ditch the contents of our wardrobes and go ‘starkers’, or smash up all our mirrors and vow to ‘never bother with basic personal care again’, but we should just place a little bit less importance on what we wear on the outside, and a little bit more importance on who we are on the inside.

For me, when I’m out walking and I see wildlife, I think about how nice it must be for them to have no pressure, to wake up every morning without a to-do list hanging over them like a dark cloud about to release a torrential downpour. And then I think about how it is us who put all this pressure on ourselves in the first place, so really, we only have ourselves to blame. The good thing about this? That, because we put the pressure on ourselves, we can make the decision to take that pressure off. How? By devoting the rest of our lives to a simpler way of living, where we just appreciate the beauty of life, without expecting unrealistic “stuff” to come out of it.

To do this, we need to recognise a universal fact; that our lives are all miraculous, and that what we already have is more than enough. We do not need to keep consuming more, for, like animals, all we really need, is:





Each other

So, lets all:

-Stop being so greedy.

-Start feeling more grateful for what we already have.

-Treat the rest of the world a bit nicer (yes, that means animals too, it’s not just our home.)


-Stress about the insignificant things less. If we are only here once, I sure as hell don’t want to waste it, and neither should you.

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