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37.2 trillion– that’s the total number of individual cells that we, as human beings, are made up of. Each one of these cells consists of thousands of atoms (atoms that the universe itself, and all matter within it- stars, human beings, animals, and every other visible object in the universe- is comprised of.)

We need these atoms to survive, because, without their presence, there can be no energy, and nothing can exist- not me, not you, not even the universe itself. Atoms can therefore be concluded as, quite literally, being ‘the force of all life.’

Luckily for us humans, the atoms that we need for basic survival, as highlighted above, are in abundance, so much so, in fact, that every human on our planet contains approximately 7 octillion atoms (too large of a number for us to even comprehend.) Now, with a total population of 7.753 billion people, you don’t need me to tell you that the total number of atoms that human beings collectively have, is enormous. Not so enormous, however, compared to the collective number of cells and atoms found within other species. This is due to the population size of humans being considerably less than that of other species, such as trees, for example, which have a population of over 3 trillion, meaning that, for every 1 person on earth, there are over 400 trees (that’s a hell of a lot of atoms!) Combined with the 8.7 million other species we share our home with, the number of atoms proven to be floating around in our 14-billion-year-old universe will undoubtedly blow…our…minds…

Something that will blow our minds to an even greater extent, however, is the realisation that, thus far, I have only discussed the number of cells and atoms in living beings, but, as the entire universe is made up of atoms, the fact is that, when one’s physical body is no longer, their atoms will remain a product of the universe, being transformed from one physical form, to another. In other words, death is not the end at all, but merely the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another, as our atoms become one with the universe again, before dispersing as they did in the big bang, into alternative forms…

Now, at this point, like me you may be wondering, ‘where did these cells and atoms actually come from in the beginning, though?’ Because, yes, we are all energy, made up of the same cellular material, but where did this ‘material’ originate? This is a question that is impossible for any of us to know for certain, hence why there are so many religions and complex scientific theories out there, all trying to make sense of the nonsensical…

One criticism of scientific theories is that they fail to explain how everything could come from nothing. ‘There was a big bang.’ Okay, but what led up to that event? How could the universe possibly have come to exist if there was no ‘creator’ to set everything in motion? Religion tries to answer these questions in their references to ‘God’, who they define as being the creator of everything.

Like the idea of creation taking place without a creator is unbelievable to me, something that I find similarly unbelievable, is the idea that ‘God’, a man who lives in the sky, is responsible for everything.

The most believable theories then? Those that combine both science and religion, e.g. Hinduism, the oldest known religion.

Closely linked to Buddhism, Hindus do not feel ‘threatened’ by scientific theories regarding the origin of the universe (i.e., the big bang), they in fact view it as a supporting theory to their religion… ‘God used the big bang to create the universe and everything in it’, some Hindus argue.

My belief? That the Big Bang was not the beginning, something must have come before it. Why do I think this? Because, believing in the big bang theory in its traditional sense- that there was nothing, an explosion and then suddenly, everything– goes against everything that we have been taught about the law of physics, and therefore, in my opinion, is completely unbelievable, not to mention impossible.

The only explanation that has any resounding believability in my mind, yet is still totally mind boggling, is the idea that both science and religion played a part in the creation of everything, as I will explain in greater detail below…

My theory (in less than 500 words):

Before the creation of the universe, there was nothing other than pure energy. This energy is sometimes referred to as ‘God.’ It is the driving force of all, found within the atoms forged in stars, and makes up everything (inanimate), and everyone (animate.) This energy did not magically appear when a ‘big bang’ happened, for the big bang was not the beginning, but merely a build-up of energy in space.

Prior to the big bang, a fourth dimension containing a black hole (a.k.a. ‘heaven’), was in existence. This dimension is eternal, with no beginning or end. It has always been here, and will always be here.

Despite being no bigger than an atom, the mass of a black hole is in fact up to 24 times bigger than the sun. This is why it is possible for all the infinite energy and cellular material found at the core of everything and everyone, to originate from a single black hole (i.e., ‘everything’ comes from ‘nothing.’)

Sound familiar?

The universe itself, according to the traditional big bang theory, also came from nothing. Or did it? Did it in fact come from a black hole, the sheer force of all its dormant energy triggering the big bang, and, subsequently, triggering the creation of the universe as we know it today?

Believe the theory posed above, and you will understand the beauty of the ‘black hole’- that it is our home in the purest sense of the word, and is where our energy/’spirits’ will all end up again, one day… How so? Because energy, which is comprised of atoms, cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred to something/someone else, therefore we too, like the universe, can never die. This is because we are a product of the universe, at one with the atoms that make up ‘everything‘ (life) as well as ‘nothing’ (dark energy/matter.)

‘We come from the stars, and we will eventually return to them.’

Whilst, yes, our physical bodies that we are currently experiencing the world in will die (they are finite), our true essence, which is our souls/energy, cannot die (they are infinite.)

Our energy, upon the deterioration of our physical body, will simply move on to the next ‘chapter’, to experience life in a different form (it is redistributed.) What our next form will be, no one knows, not until we get there, anyway. The universe, however, already knows, for, as fate explains, everything is planned out for us in advance, controlled by this infinite energy that we have so desperately been trying to define, through science and religion, for thousands upon thousands of years. 

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