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A widely held belief by people all over the world, both religious and non-religious, is the legitimacy of the ‘Big Bang’ theory, a theory that points to the origins of the universe, and tries to explain how we, as well as everything else we share our world with, came to be here.

Although the Big Bang has long been considered an ‘explosion’ (as the name suggests), this is actually not the case. What the Big Bang really is, is an ‘expansion’ of an earlier universe, where time and space already existed, albeit in an ‘alien’ form that was beyond human comprehension. The Big Bang then, marked a transition from life in an unrecognisable form (as it was in the previous universe), to a recognisable one (as it is in this universe.) So vast was this expansion/transition, that the Big Bang created our entire universe, which, according to Scientists, is at least a hundred billion light years across, possibly even infinite.

The prospect of our universe being ‘infinite’ isn’t the most mind-boggling aspect of the Big Bang theory though, at least, not in my opinion. More mind-boggling, I feel, is the fact that our universe was perfectly arranged for the creation of stars, galaxies, and other complex systems. In other words, from nothing, there came to be everything. The reason why I find this so mind-blowing is because, it points to the fact that there must have been a creator of some sort and, furthermore, the universe must have known that we were coming, because, why else would there be all the basis for life within a supposedly ‘random’ event? There wouldn’t be. The reason why there is, is not because a ‘happy coincidence’ took place, but is because our lives, and the inner workings of the universe, are all governed by a divine plan as set out by the creator in a universe gone by.

Still not convinced in the idea of there being a ‘creator?’ Then I urge you to consider this…

If the universe had formed even just a tiny bit differently (e.g., if gravity were fractionally stronger/weaker, if the expansion had proceeded just a little slower/quicker) then there might never have been the elements required to preserve life, or even the ground that we stand on. The universe could have, quite easily, remained a dull, scattered void, but it didn’t. It didn’t because everything there was, is, and will ever be, is all planned. Nothing is ‘coincidental’ or ‘random’, it all happens for a reason, even if we don’t quite understand what that reason is just yet…

One day, we will understand.

One day, we will discover that it was never random, none of it.

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