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We can all find ourselves feeling ‘down’ from time to time, it’s just the nature of life. We get so caught up in our routines and mundane ‘to-do’ lists that we forget how much of an amazing miracle it is just to be alive. This means that, instead of waking up every day in awe of all that is great about life, many of us find ourselves waking up feeling nothing short of insignificant, depressed, even.

I’m always ‘doing, doing, doing’, you see, which gives me little time to reflect on all that I am grateful for.

The problem that arises with this, with failing to practice gratitude, however, is that it becomes all too easy for me to lose sight of all that is good about my life., When I do overlook these things though- the things of which I am grateful for/things that spark in me a genuine sense of happiness- I know that what will follow is a deterioration in my mental health. I will notice myself experiencing greater symptoms of Depression and/or Anxiety as a direct result of me having failed to keep in mind all the positive aspects of my life. I will find myself becoming ‘trapped’ in a cycle of self-deprecating thoughts- thoughts that try to convince me that life is ‘pointless’, that it is ‘all for nothing’, and that ‘no one would miss me if I wasn’t here.’ When I have such thoughts, I try to remind myself of the quote in the title of this post, that; ‘the world would be different in a thousand little ways without me in it.’

In referring myself back to this quote, I remind myself that the thoughts that my mind tells me are true are most certainly not true. Life isn’t ‘pointless’, it isn’t ‘all for nothing’, and, the biggest reminder that todays post is centred around; ‘people would miss me if I wasn’t here.’

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