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My best ideas come to me when I’m partaking in what I refer to as ‘moving meditation’, i.e., when I’m walking. I refer to walking as a type of meditation because I genuinely do find it therapeutic, for, the simple act of just putting one foot in front of the other gives my, often extremely chaotic head, an opportunity to put some sort of ‘order’ to all my muddled-up thoughts. And, from this sense of ‘order’ that walking gives me, many of my best ideas for writing are conjured up.

Mid-walk, my raw thoughts as I think them are jotted down onto the notes page of my phone, ready to be typed up and collated into a blog post upon my return home. Such raw ideas are not forced, something which I believe is incredibly important to note, as I know from personal experience that when I do try to force myself to think of ideas, by sitting down with the intention of collating a list of blog post ideas, for example, I rarely get any ideas at all. Whereas, when I’m out walking, not even thinking about writing, ideas just naturally pop into my head. It is for this reason why I always take my phone with me when I go on a walk, so that any ideas that do ‘pop into my head’ can be quickly noted down. This, taking my phone with me on walks, is an essential for me, as I have learnt that ideas can come to me at any time, and therefore being prepared for them is critical. The worst thing would be having a really good idea whilst out walking but then getting home and forgetting what the idea was. That would be nothing more than a wasted opportunity, and a very annoying one at that.

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