Portfolio of Hope

Something that absolutely fascinates me every time I think about it is the fact that,

every single living thing that I come to meet,

from my family who I live with


the cats that walk past me on the street-

they’re all the product of someone,

or rather some people,


It is the very same people who get excited when they make the ‘perfect’ toast,

(Unless that’s just me?!…)

that are also responsible for making the most complex thing in the universe-


Like, how?!

Obviously, I know how life is conceived in the biological sense

(I’ve got year 8 PSHE to thank for that,


but I’m referring to the spiritual side of conception.

Now this is what fascinates me.

It fascinates me so much that,

when I have a child of my own,

I know that I won’t be able to stop asking myself:

‘did I really make this?’

Every time I meet their eye,

I will be reminded of what a miraculous thing a human making another human is,

and how,

only a higher power could make such a thing possible,


how else could it be explained?

There is no other explanation,

hence why I know that there just has to be more…

Don’t agree?


to put it bluntly,

if you don’t agree then,

I don’t know what will make you think there is more.

To me, the very existence of life is proof enough that there is so much more out there that,

one day,

we will discover,


just like the concept of life,

it will be yet another source of fascination for us all to ponder over.

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