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Too often, I feel, as women, we focus on what we are lacking in compared to that of our male counterparts.

Historical discrepancies between rates of pay, sexist comments, physiological and biological weaknesses that put us at risk greater risk of facing abuse- these are just some of the factors that, we are told, are just an unfortunate ‘consequence’ of being born a woman.

What if, though, rather than focusing on what we are lacking in as a sex, we instead focus on what we are thriving in as a sex. Struggling? Let me help you…

Why women thrive:

  • The female body can grow tiny humans that we give birth to and nurture into adults (the male body can’t do this, despite men being the biologically/physiologically stronger sex. Proof that women are strong AF.)
  • As above, without women, none of us would even be here, and life would cease to exist at all, for it is us women who are the very source of life. We are the source of everything.
  • Even when, at the age of 13, rape alarms are handed out to us at school as casually as homework, we refuse to let fear take over us. If we did, we would never leave the house again, and so, we don’t. We put the rape alarms in our pockets ‘just in case’, and we get on with our days.
  • We don’t let condescending, sexist comments from work colleagues, or wolf whistles from strangers on the street, demoralise us from achieving our full potential, of which we know we are more than capable of achieving (just as capable as any man, that’s for sure.)
  • And finally, we are amazing, with so much to offer in this world, not despite us being women, but because of it.

My hope for you is that the list above will have helped you to shift your perspective, by encouraging you to consider everything that is great about being a woman.

I hope that, at the conclusion of this post, if you are a woman, you will experience an unwavering sense of gratitude for being a woman, and, if you’re not a woman, you will still experience an unwavering sense of gratitude, not for being a woman, of course, but for simply knowing a woman (of which, every single person in this world does know a woman, for we were all born to one.)

So, to end this post, a message (as much to myself as to everyone else):

Women are something special, and I am so proud to be a woman, know other women, and love women, for, women are just incredible.

2 responses to “Why I LOVE Being A Woman.”

  1. Totally agree ! I love being a for all the above reasons and more! women are beautiful creatures 😛

  2. We really are aren’t we!

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