Portfolio of Hope

There comes a point in recovery,

or even just,

in life,

when we come to acknowledge the one universal

and often

painful truth


We are the ones who are solely responsible for our lives.

Whilst yes,

we all have a family

and friends who love us,

and who we know will be there for us in our time of need,

the fact is:

only we ourselves get to decide which path in life we will go down.

In the context of eating disorder recovery,

we can choose either:

Path A- Recovery

(a.k.a. life),


Path B- Relapse

(a.k.a. death.)

Although people in our lives can guide us to path A,

even going as far as dropping us off at the entrance to it

so that all we have to do is start walking,

putting one foot in front of the other,

something which they can’t do is stop us changing our mind halfway down path A

and running back to the perceived ‘safety’


‘security’ of path B.

In other words:

‘You can lead a horse to water,

but you can’t make him drink.’

Only we can make that choice,

the choice to remain committed to our recovery,

through both the good times and the bad.

Only we can choose to take that first sip of water,

and to keep drinking from it.



make the right choice,

and never look back.

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