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Names– they’re something that all of us have. We name our children, our pets, heck, some of us even name our cars. Something that we don’t all have, or do, however, is seek insight into what our names actually mean.

Now, prior to deciding to write this post today, I was certainly someone who lacked insight into the real meaning behind my name, for, it is something that I had never thought twice about. Instead, I just took my name for granted, with me being of the sceptical belief that, ‘I’m called Lisa because my parents simply liked that name’ (I say ‘sceptical’ here because, I don’t see how anyone can believe that, out of over 200,000 different names, our parents simply looked at us and immediately knew what one name we were to be called.)

Whilst yes, the above is true in terms of my parents liking the name Lisa, and subsequently choosing to call me it, there is also a spiritual meaning behind my name- a meaning that, like all of our names, has been hiding in plain sight, yet also a meaning that, up until now, I had been totally oblivious to.

In terms of what the spiritual meaning of my name actually is then, one just has to look at its Hebrew origins to uncover the meaning…

Translatable as; ‘God is my oath’, ‘devoted to God’, or ‘God’s promise’ (all variants of the same idea that one is connected to God and their faith), means that, theoretically, I, Lisa, should very much be a spiritual person myself (which, more recently, I certainly do consider myself to be.)

Now, this seems like too much of a coincidence for my name to have been selected solely because my parents ‘liked’ the name, (with over 200,000 names to choose from, how on earth could it possibly have been so simple?!), and so, I find myself questioning:

Was I in fact named Lisa then, for a reason far greater than my parents’ choice?

Was I named Lisa because the higher power which would determine my path in life knew that, one day, I would feel connected to the spiritual world, and so, by naming me Lisa, I was put closer to God/the higher power who, as the spiritual meaning of my name highlights, ‘has my back?’

My belief in fate– in the idea that; ‘everything happens for a reason’– leads me to conclude that the answer to the questions posed above, is an indisputable ‘yes!’

To expand upon my ‘yes’ further: my belief is that we were all named for a reason far, far greater than our parent’s appreciation for our name, or whatever other reason they gave us for naming us. I believe that, before we were born, our destiny and everything that we would go on to do with our lives, was pre-determined, including that of our names. Having this belief then, that it was ‘God’- the force that governs everything– that chose my name and the name of every living thing to have ever existed, means that my search for the spiritual meaning behind my name is inevitable, as much for you, too, as it is for me, I should suspect.

My hope is that this post will have motivated you to investigate the origins and spiritual meaning behind your own name. Who knows, the meaning you uncover might just point you in the direction of your own life’s purpose- of the thing that you were, quite literally, born to do.

Now, if you do decide to look into the meaning of your name, please do leave me a comment on this post and let me know what you discover. I’d be really interested to hear it 😊

Have a great day.



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