Portfolio of Hope

One hundred little windows,
One thousand,
One million, even,
An infinite number,
Some open,
Some closed,
Some light,
Some dark:
Luxury mansions, “Semi’s”, Terraced houses, High Rise flats/apartment blocks.

One hundred,
One thousand,
One million,
Infinite COLOSSAL stories,
delicately contained within each one.
Within each window,
Within each tiny square, an individual resides, along with their whole life.
It can therefore be concluded that, each “little” window is, in fact, a window for something far bigger, for something far greater, each is a window containing endless universal tales.

Tales of
and of
But also,
in equal measure,
tales of
and of heartache, too.

The latter- pain and heartache- despite all the talk stating that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, are very much unwanted feelings, feelings that we would rather forgo experiencing, unlike the former- hope and fascination- which are feelings that we wholeheartedly chase on the daily, feelings that prove to us the beauty that is in life, even when, at times, it feels difficult to find that beauty, amid all the “messiness” and “chaos” that we have to uncomfortably sit through in our 1000mph society.

Such feelings are universal because they surpass boundaries,
they are “limitless.”
No matter what country you happen to have been born into, which language you happen to speak, what gender you happen to identify as, who you happen to love, we will all experience the same trials and tribulations that come with being alive, being a part of this “thing” we’ve come to call “existence.” This reinforces the concept of our collective consciousness, the concept that we are all, despite our many supposed “differences” that can be seen on the surface, at one with each other. Knowing this, just knowing that we are all, ultimately, “one and the same”, encourages us to be more empathetic towards each other, more forgiving and, perhaps most importantly, more loving.

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