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Yesterday I was walking through town, and I had a really profound thought- an obvious thought, yes, but one that I, and I’m sure most other people, rarely, if ever, think about. The thought I had was that everyone, and I mean, everyone, was a baby once. In other words, everyone ‘originated’ from their parents- from their mum and dad, coming into this world as completely fragile beings, and being totally reliant on others for their survival.

Acknowledging this, just acknowledging that we were all babies once, all vulnerable beings, should encourage us all to be kinder towards each other, and more empathetic and forgiving, as we can appreciate that, really, we’re all just children- children of the universe, still in need of the protection and love that was necessary for our survival when we were young. In fact, such a need never ‘goes away’, we just get better at hiding it, what with our ageing bodies and painted on brave faces. Ultimately, we get better at acting like we are perfectly happy on our own, when the reality is that we’re still the same lost children that we’ve always been, and always will be, crying out (albeit internally) for help and guidance, love and protection, as we;

try and fail,

try and fail,

try harder,

to find our way in life, and to work out what we’re really doing here, in this, sometimes incredibly hard and downright confusing place we’ve all mysteriously found ourselves in (mysterious because, from absolute nothingness, we were plunged into ‘everythingness’) …

To try to make sense of our place in the so called ‘mysterious’ world we have all found ourselves in, we turn to religion, science, art, poetry, music- anything that allows us to feel something, because the alternative– to feel nothing– that terrifies us, as ‘nothing’ is synonymous with darkness, the very thing that would keep us awake late at night petrified as young children who, as we know, are still within us all, desperately crying out for answers- answers that, unfortunately, just no one can give us,




It really is just




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