Portfolio of Hope

Yesterday, I overheard a young girl, a girl who can’t have been much older than nine or ten, declaring, or rather, screaming to her parents; ‘I hate my life!’, at the top of her lungs. And that? Hearing those four words? It broke my heart…

It broke my heart because, that girl doesn’t realise that the struggles that she is going through right now constitute nothing more than a brief moment in time.


She doesn’t realise that, what she really hates isn’t her life, but a moment (which, in the grand scheme of things is an incredibly fleeting, albeit difficult moment, and one that will pass just as quickly as it arrived.)

And so, to her and to anyone else who has ever doubted themselves and their place in this world, I say;

Never allow the words ‘I hate my life’ to come out of your mouth,


you don’t.

It’s impossible to hate something that is so unfalteringly beautiful…

So please, don’t let life bare the brunt of your hatred,

when you don’t really hate it at all…


You don’t hate the feeling of the warm sun brushing against your face on an otherwise chilly day,

or the smell/taste of freshly baked cookies taken straight from the oven.


nor do you hate your potential,

your life’s potential,

that tells you that tomorrow will be a better day,

if only you cling on to hope

and always remember that:

‘This too shall pass‘,

and make the skies turn bright again…

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