Portfolio of Hope

When we go to sleep and dream, in our dreams, we are always ourselves. No matter how ‘out there’ the dream is, even if, in it, we’re living in some alternative universe, it’s impossible for us to be portrayed as being someone else. Why? Because there is only one consciousness, and we are it. It is therefore impossible for us to be anyone else, or to even really imagine being anyone else, whether that be in a dream or in real life, because there is no one else. To put it simply, ‘I’ is all there is, for we are all the same, with our energy being wholly interconnected. So, next time you find yourself becoming frustrated with someone else/lacking empathy, remember that, that ‘someone else’ you think of is actually just you, albeit a version of you that is, at present, inhabiting a different body. Acknowledging this then should encourage you/everyone to show greater kindness towards each other and, it should encourage us all to treat others how we would want ourselves to be treated because, after all, we’re no different, aren’t you and I.. No, we’re one and the same- one consciousness.

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