Portfolio of Hope

Nature exists,

then ceases to exist.

As Winter turns to Spring,

and Spring turns to Summer,

it comes alive,

but as Summer turns to Autumn,

and Autumn turns to Winter,

it dies.


death is not the end,


even in the very harshest of Winter’s,

nature finds a way to come back.


even if it doesn’t appear to come back to us,

if its roots have been destroyed, for example,

it’s energy undoubtedly does come back,

for energy can never be destroyed.

The energy that causes plants,

things that have no brain,

to turn to face the sun when the conditions allow,

it goes on.

It can be said then,

that death is merely the end of one ‘phase’,

and the beginning of another.

Like nature whose next phase awaits it in the next season,

the same can be said of humans.

Our current existence is merely a phase,

nothing more than one piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

When this phase ends

(i.e., when our heart stops beating and we ‘die’),

our energy simply moves onto the next phase as,

like nature,

we bloom once again,

though perhaps not in our original form.

Like plants whose seeds are spread by the wind to create new forms of life,

our energy is spread to create new life also.

Who knows what we will be next,

or even,

where we will be next.

Its a great big unknown,

an eternal mystery,

but one that,

despite the lack of answers,

I find myself thinking about

every single day.

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