Portfolio of Hope

'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter, and bleed.'

-Ernest Hemingway-

The above quote fills me with so much emotion. It perfectly encapsulates why I write- because I feel an impulse/a need to do so.

I don’t feel intimidated by a blank page, or a blank word document, I feel liberated, for every new page provides me with an opportunity to free myself of all the stuff that can sometimes feel ‘trapped’ inside my head. A typewriter or, more likely these days, a laptop, is simply the tool I use to express the experiences I have had and, hopefully, to help other people in turn with that, too.

I ‘bleed’ when I write as I pour my heart out, allowing myself to be at my most vulnerable for the world to see (well, read).





chipping away at my soul until I find my voice.

And, I don’t let the prospect of doing so (of expressing my vulnerability) scare me, no, I let it excite me. Like the process of getting a tattoo, I know that the pain I might feel during it will all be forgotten when the result is seen- when the words that I have kept inside me for so long finally come together to form a piece of writing that I can release out into the world…

When my thoughts are released into the world via my writing/when they’re no longer confined to my mind, but are, in the age of social media, there for the whole world to discover- to interpret and indulge- instead of feeling bound down by the ‘goings on’ in my head, I feel free.

And so, this is why I write.

To be free.

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