Portfolio of Hope

Whilst my body is nothing other than a vessel/vehicle used by my soul/consciousness to experience existence in the material world, I can use the material, external parts of me (i.e., my body) to express my inner, spiritual self. This is why I love fashion so much, because it allows me to be creative/it gives me an opportunity for self-expression. When I put on a t-shirt that I love, or a pair of shoes that I love, I feel good. And, as cliché as this sounds, feeling good on the outside, often, translates to feeling good on the inside. I can say this confidently because, on the days when I wear the clothes that I really love, I feel so much more positive, and my body image feels so much better, than on the days when I just throw anything on. I therefore try to curate my wardrobe so that it contains only things that I really love and that make me feel good both on the inside and the outside. That way, no matter what I put on, I will feel happy in it. If, however, I put something on that doesn’t make me feel good or even something that I’m just ‘not sure about’, I either donate it back to a charity shop (I say ‘back to’ because that’s where most of my clothes come from- I love that you can pick up such unique, ‘one of a kind’ pieces), or I list it on Depop/eBay to sell. Getting rid of something that I don’t love, whether that be an item of clothing/a pair of shoes/ a piece of jewellery, gives me space in my wardrobe to replace it with something that I really do love- that will make me feel more confident in myself (as all clothes should). Doing so is the perfect excuse to go shopping, if for nothing else…

Who knew that something as basic and seemingly ‘on the surface’ as which clothes you decide to wear could be such a positive force in your life?

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