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If, like a faulty iPhone, you could hit the factory reset button, not on your phone but on your life, going right back to the beginning, right back to the day you were born so that you could do it all again, would you? If yes, why? What would you do differently if you were given an opportunity to have your time again?

The question posed above- its one that I’ve been pondering over myself quite a bit recently.
My answer? Would I hit the reset button and go back in time if I could? No- my answer is that I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t go back because, despite the challenges that I have been through in my life thus far, I am, on the whole, actually quite happy with me life. And, not only that, but my belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’ means that I don’t hold any regrets for any part of my life, even the parts that, as they were happening, I did not hold quite such a positive stance about…

In terms of why I am of the above belief, its because, the way I see it, is like this:

The struggles that I have had, from my, I suppose you could call it, ‘dysfunctional’ childhood, to my issues surrounding food and exercise, they have all made me into the person who I am today and, I genuinely do believe that I am all the stronger because of those struggles. I can write with honesty and always with a sense of hope because I have been through the darkness and made it back into the light. I wouldn’t go back and erase the more difficult parts of my life because I appreciate what they have given me- the ability to empathise with others who are going through hardships in their life and, the knowledge that there is always a way out, even when it can feel like you’re trapped in a windowless, door-less building.

The experiences I have had have made me, me. And, what with me trying to accept myself for who I am, how could I go back and change the very things that make up what it means to be Lisa? Doing so would go against everything I tell other people they should be doing- embracing their true selves.

So, that’s a long rambling way of answering the question of whether I would press the reset button on my life if I were given the chance..


I would not.

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