Portfolio of Hope

There’s something about people in suits
that I find so intriguing.

Man sitting on a park bench wearing a suit.
Has he just been to a job interview?
or who,
is he trying to impress?
Or, did he just feel like wearing a suit to walk around the park in-
not to impress anyone,
just for his own benefit?
Because it makes him feel good.

Whether the suit contains a man
a woman,
they intrigue me.
But, I have to say, this ‘intrigue’ applies to an even greater extent
where women are concerned.

I don’t know what it is-
The power,
both the sense given to the wearer,
and the observer?
The longing to go against the norm and break gender stereotypes?
Or, just because women in general are, how to put it…
Aesthetically pleasing’?

I suspect, it’s probably a combination of all three factors
working together to make suits a source of fascination,

of intrigue.

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