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Consciousness (referring to a ‘state of being’/state of ‘awareness’) is, despite what we have been told from various spiritual practitioners for decades, not the source of everything. It is, in fact, just awareness– an awareness of our existence- acting as a ‘bridge’ in between the two/three points of spirit, the soul, and the body.

What is the source of everything, is the spirit, this being at the very core of ourselves, creating our soul/consciousness/awareness/the state of being awake.

For example, in the same way that sunlight is the energy of the sun, consciousness is the energy of the soul and the spirit. Without the sun, there would be no sunlight and, likewise, without the soul and spirit there would be no consciousness. Why? Because, as everything comes from the spirit, nothing can exist outside of it, for there is nothing beyond it…. This means that:

God and spirit are the same.

You and spirit are the same.

Consciousness and spirit are the same.

You see, we are all ‘just’ spirits existing in alternative forms, having each been individually ‘molded’ into distinct entities (in the case of living beings- these ‘entities’ being bodies, with our bodies existing to ‘carry’ our spirit and soul through life). It can be said, then, that it is our spirit that, for a period, has a physical body, as opposed to our physical body having a spirit (the spirit and soul is what we are, the body is what it creates).

So, what exactly is the spirit?

The spirit is our ‘life force’- the life force of everyone, and is very much beyond body and mind. Related to the spiritual realm, the spirit enables us to receive God Himself and communicate with him (or, the ‘higher power’ if you don’t believe in God per se), for God is spirit. How do we communicate with God and our spirit? We do this via prayer or, in my case as a non-Christian, meditation, in order to connect back to our spirit- back to the very core of ourselves.

With the spirit being our core/’inner’ layer, the middle layer is our soul, and the outer layer our body. The spirit carries our soul through life, and the body both our soul and our spirit, both of which allow us to experience, and realise, what life is all about/ to ‘enjoy the ride’).

In terms of what the middle layer- our soul– is, it is the spiritual/immaterial (non-physical) ‘spark’ of our existence, referring to who we really are- our personality, mind, emotion, and will. We do not ‘have‘ a soul- we are a soul- each an individual manifestation of spirit expressing itself through God/the higher power. It is our soul that is aware of our spirit (I say ‘our’ soul and not ‘your’ soul because there is only one soul that is shared/universal. This is what we tend to call ‘God’).

The interesting part? Soul is there whether we know it or not, during both deep sleep and wakefulness. The nature of our soul though does differ between waking and rest as, during waking hours our consciousness arises, a result of the soul coming into contact with time. During sleeping hours, however, the body experiences the true nature of the soul – which is at rest and not in the sphere of time.

With the soul undoubtedly still being around when our consciousness is not, the soul is something that many people believe continues to exist in some form after the physical body is no more. The soul can therefore be concluded as being ‘immortal’, as can our awareness which is beyond the individuality of soul (it is the ‘Absolute’). Hence why, when we are asleep and dreaming, our consciousness gone, we are still aware. It is our awareness that allows us to recall our dreams, despite us lacking any consciousness during such dreams…

Because we are not conscious when we are dreaming, the awareness that we have regarding what is happening in our dream is in fact completely illusory, with no actuality attached to our ‘memories’ of the dream whatsoever. Despite us knowing, when in a waking state, that our dreams were purely fictitious, when we are experiencing the dream itself, it undoubtedly feels real, to such an extent that we can’t detach dream from reality. If, for example, in a dream you are asked, ‘Are you conscious?’, you might be confused, since it would be so obvious that you are (conscious, that is). And, if asked, ‘What are you doing at this exact moment?’, you would, again, be astounded at the question since there you would be in plain sight. Yet, every answer given would in fact be wrong, for, the dream ‘you’ isn’t real/ the dream ‘you’ is never a ‘conscious entity’ by the waking definitions of the words. The dream person doesn’t know that there is a head laying on a pillow or that, no matter what the dream person does, it has no merit in the waking state.

To end this post on a ‘mindblower’, I urge you to consider the following:

People claim that we only bring about a third of our overall “soul’s energy” (i.e., consciousness) to any particular lifetime. They claim that two thirds of that energy is always “back home.’ There’s a pretty high chance then that there is far more to this (life) than we realise

Like the two states of waking and sleeping are vastly different, each possessing a unique world view, there are likely many other states, each seeming to be perfectly valid to the person in the state, but each being in fact equally as illusory as the dream state because, if you hadn’t already gathered by this point;

It’s all illusory.

(Yes, even wakefulness is an illusion).

Only pure consciousness, not consciousness bound down by our body and brain/materialistic elements of our being, point to our true nature. And, we can only access this true nature when we are away from the material world/when our soul departs our body and is conscious on its own.

The body is merely a vessel used to experience this particular state of being.

And so, the question is:

What’s next?!

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