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Something which I consider to be of paramount importance, is having things to look forward to in life- not just a holiday once a year (though, that is something that I very much look forward to), but things throughout the whole year/at regular intervals throughout the year. By having things to look forward to, say- once a month- you can go through life feeling excited to wake up in the mornings, a feeling that can sometimes get lost with all the mundanity of everyday, adult life.

We experience feelings of regular excitement as children when, even the little things such as looking at the clock at 2pm on a Friday and realising its almost the weekend brings us unparalleled joy, and, when asking; ‘What’s for tea?’ and finding out that its takeaway night feels, to us, like winning the lottery. For some reason though, as adults, we lose much of our fascination at, and excitement towards, the smaller moments in life. And so, to ensure that we can recover some of the fascination/excitement towards life that we so effortlessly had as children, we must be sure to have things* that can act as the source of such feelings.

(*Now, it should be noted that these things don’t need to be big life events and nor do they require one to spend loads of money (or any money at all, for that matter). As proven by our childhood, most often it is in fact the little things, from hearing the tune of an ice cream van playing and knowing that you’ll soon be holding a delicious ice cream in your hands, to being allowed to stay up past your usual bedtime to watch your favourite TV show, that truly bring us feelings of contentment- happiness, even.)

So, I urge you to get setting some things that you can look forward to,

some things that will serve to remind you that there’s so much more to life than cleaning

and working

and all the other things that you feel like you ‘have’ to do.

And, so that you can feel excited about life again/

about all the things that you’re free to do in this amazing miracle which you’re a part of-

the miracle that is life.

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  1. Some ideas to think about.

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