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Sometimes, I observe the world around me and I marvel at how ‘constructed’ it all is (‘it’ meaning society as a whole and all aspects of it).

  • Cars are just tin boxes that we sit inside to get from A to B.
  • The government, and the police, and- well, any institution for that matter- is just a group of people, just the same as you and I. It’s only us who attach meaning to these people after being told for generations that they are ‘in charge’/that they ‘set the rules.’
  • Our bodies are just vessels that contain our soul.
  • Clothes are not necessary- they’re just things we wear in vanity. It’s why we are the only species in the animal kingdom to have adopted such a frivolous habit.
  • Everything- literally everything– is made up (i.e., nothing is real).

The fact that some people can’t see this for themselves is almost as confusing a concept for me as the concept which states that ‘nothing is real.’ For, I just don’t get how some people genuinely think that this society we’re a part of is reality, let alone them thinking that this is all there is to our existence. As I believe, this society is nothing more than a short trip, like a motorway service station which you stop at for a short period of time before moving on to reach your final, intended destination.

Now, when life feels like a bit of a ‘trudge’, as it often does in the 21st century, I wish that I could get back in that (metaphorical) car of mine as referenced above, leave that (metaphorical) service station, and experience true existence in its purest form (not metaphorical). Not an existence bound down by the constraints of the physical realm, but an existence whereby we are all free to be our genuine selves- metaphysical, spiritual beings/energy of the very purest kind- ‘bodiless‘, completely immaterial– just energy floating about in our corner of this infinite space we call home…

It has to be said that, the more I think about these things, the more my head hurts. I have thus come to the conclusion that; ‘maybe I just need to overthink things a little less.’ The thing is though, this whole ‘thinking about things less’ thing is much easier said (well, written), than done… Because, once your eyes are opened/once you are ‘enlightened’, you can never be blinded to the truth again. The true essence of reality (the metaphysical dimension) will always be there in the back of your mind, reminding you how insignificant your worries are/how nonsensical it is to throw your life away whittling and worrying about something that is, ultimately, nothing other than a fantasy.

In the crazy times which we’re living in today, my belief is that; the people whom are enlightened should make it their mission to help others who are not quite there yet progress on their journey to enlightenment, too. Why? Because, I wholeheartedly believe that the key to living as a collectively more peaceful, harmonious society, is to get everyone to ‘open their eyes’ and see life for what it really is- merely a visiting privilege which we experience prior to us reaching the next chapter- the spiritual, metaphysical (true) nature of existence.

If only we could force open the eyes of the likes of Putin, and every other egotistical loon whom is of the belief that they are somehow ‘above’ others. If only they too could see that we are all in fact one united energy force, then senseless wars would end and we would, finally, be witness to world peace.

We can but dream.

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  1. If only we could influence the seemingly insane. If only we could. If only…

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