Portfolio of Hope

Anyone who is engaged in philosophy/enjoys learning about philosophy
(i.e., anyone who ‘questions the world deeply’),
is a philosopher
(just like anyone who takes photos is a photographer,
and anyone who writes is a writer, etc etc).

It has to be asked then;
Aren’t we all philosophers?

Aren’t we all just trying to make sense of this world in which we’ve somehow found ourselves ‘stuck’ within?

Even if we’re not doing so consciously, don’t we all ponder over the ‘big’ questions-
namely, those concerning what we are actually doing here,
if not just
‘passing time?’

My belief is that;
We are all philosophers. It is, as human beings, in our very nature to be so.
What with our intellectual ability that sees us us having an awareness of our own mortality, and our tendency to be constantly asking;
we are the only animal in the world (as far as we know) in possession of such ‘skills’,
skills that allow us to recognise that there is so much more to our existence than meets the eye,
(even if the ‘more’ we speak of might never be fully understood by us,
as some people argue that it is beyond human comprehension/
a concept existing far beyond words)…

The point is, just the fact that we are aware that, one day, we will die,
just the fact that (I should think) most of us find ourselves asking from time to time, whether we prescribe to any religion/faith or not,
‘What’s next?’,
means that we are all philosophers-
and everyone in between.

Let’s own it,
Let’s keep thinking-

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