Portfolio of Hope

Every species just wants to live,
every species sees the value in life.

Take something as tiny as an Ant, for example.
If an Ant feels threatened, then it will run in the opposite direction,
that ant?
It values life.

Like us Homo Sapiens
the Ant ‘just’ wants to live (I put ‘just’ in inverted commas because to live is arguably the biggest accomplishment there is/there is nothing ‘just‘ about staying alive).

Something which is up for much debate though, is how different species perceive life.
Do they perceive life solely on a ‘face value’ level,
Do they, alongside a collective will to live, also possess a collective will to experience philosophical thinking, too-
To live their lives purposefully?

If the widely used quote; ‘I think therefore I am’ is correct,
every living species/i.e., everything that ‘is’, thinks,
and therefore,
the latter should be true-
every species should be living their lives purposefully
as conscious, aware, and reflective beings.

Recognising this helps us to realise that we humans are not the centre of the universe (despite what our ego has previously led us to believe),
The reality?
That we’re one of around 8.7 million species perceiving the world in it’s own, unique way,
‘just’ trying to stay alive.

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