Portfolio of Hope

Nihilism sees life being described as inherently meaningless. This is a view that can be incredibly depressing for one to ponder over, for it can lead to us questioning; ‘What’s the point?’

Sometimes, I find myself thinking ‘nihilistically’, but, when I do, I simply let the thoughts come and go, for, I know that such thoughts will go- they merely constitute a perception felt in a single moment when one is not fully conscious. It’s important, however, that we see the bigger picture- that we recognise that we are all an ’embodiment of consciousness.’ It is only when we get ‘caught up’ in our mind and ego that we forget our true nature and the true meaning of life (because, life does have a meaning)- that being to be a ‘bringer of consciousness.’

When you realise this- when you realise the true meaning of life- you become enlightened. And, when you become enlightened, you realise that, despite all the moments of questioning, it is all worth it, after all.

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