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Inertia (Noun)
‘A property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force.’

This ‘force’ can either be something that adds to one’s life, or something that takes away from it because, as the law of inertia states;

‘Taking away one side is as powerful as adding to another.’

The question that we must ask ourselves then when we are feeling, perhaps somewhat dissatisfied with the trajectory of our lives is;

‘Is it acceleration we want, or do we want to change direction?’

What we undoubtedly do not want, however, is to remain stagnant/to do nothing.
Because, as Sir Isaac Newton proposed in 1687;

‘A body at rest will tend to remain at rest. A body in motion will tend to stay in motion.’

Bodies will therefore continue in their current state (i.e., remain unchanged), whether at rest or in motion, unless acted on by a force that is greater than the current.
The good news?
That we are all full of capabilities that are ready to be harnessed and directed if only we decide to make the change, any change, that will, quite literally, change the course of our lives.

‘…always one decision away from a totally different life.’

As Susan Sontag wrote in her diary, what would go on to be published as the gripping book- ‘Reborn‘;

‘Better to have a good sense of direction than to describe how I often get lost.’

This quote is one that stood out for me because it makes reference to exactly how I used to feel- lost– before I became what I can only describe as ‘enlightened.’
Since embracing spirituality and adopting a philosophical outlook towards life, I feel as though now I do have a sense of direction in my life. And, I know that, should I want to change my life’s direction, I can, for, I am in control of my own life and all that I choose to do with it.

How exciting. All this potential for our future.


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