Portfolio of Hope

We think that we are the most important species to exist/that human beings are the ‘be all and end all.’ This, however, is an incredibly egocentric, somewhat selfish attitude to hold that all too many of us have adopted towards life.

The fact is that we are not the most important species, and, nor are we the ‘be all and end all.’ How so? Because, before humans there were trees and mountains and the sea and, if humans are ever to go ‘extinct’, then, after humans life will most likely continue to exist and, probably even thrive, too. So basically, this points to the fact that life, despite what we tend to think, does not have human beings at its core, far from it…

When we allow the above to go forgotten though, and, in our ignorance assume that human beings are at the centre of life, we lose touch with reality, making us oblivious to the fact that life as we know it isn’t ‘real’ life at all, life as we know it is actually just a ‘snippet’ of reality. Just as actors play on a raised platform on a stage (a smaller stage on the stage itself), so too do we. We are the actors operating on the platform.

The difference between us and actors though? We don’t realise that we are acting. We think that our perception of life is the complete truth, and that any other perceptions are ‘false.’

Most of us will never realise that, if only we look down/if only we change the angle we look at life from, we will see that, like actors, we too are in fact standing on a small platform in the middle of a big stage. On this stage, there’s no way of determining if our perspective of life is the ‘true’ perspective.

Whose to say that the way other species perceive the world isn’t the ‘truth?’

There isn’t.

And so, the bottom line is this;

The life we’re living in is contained within something much larger, but, because we can’t see it, we mistake it for not being there.

If only we realise that it is there though- always has been and always will be- then we can finally step off the platform and take up space on the whole area of the stage.

If only we realise this, then we can, in turn, realise our full, unrivalled potential.

If only

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