Portfolio of Hope

I have a body,
but I am not my body.

I have a mind,
but I am not my mind.

They are products of me,
we have a very close relationship/
we are ‘interconnected‘,
these things-
(my body and my mind),
they are not my whole being.

You see,
they don’t have a life of their own.
They need me
my spirit
to; ‘bring them to life.’

Because I,
are far beyond the physical,
tangible aspects of our being
(i.e., we’re far beyond our body and our mind).
We are, in fact, multifaceted,
spiritual beings,
of far greater complexity than we could ever truly understand
(at least, of far greater complexity than we could understand in todays materialistic world)…

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  1. Thought provoking, thank you 🙂

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